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My name’s Joanne Ernst (previously Murphy) and I’m delighted to welcome you here. Thanks for dropping by!

With a long history in project management and a family gene of über-organisation, it is my pleasure and passion to help overwhelmed, over stretched business people get their mojo back.

On this page I hope to give you a flavour of why I do that, and how I’m uniquely qualified to help you be more successful.

After cutting my teeth on construction projects (if you think you’re having a bad hair day, you really ain’t seen nothing till you’ve had to wear a  hard hat for a site visit then go into a meeting with the chief executive – aargh!!) it was a blessed relief to get into business change and process optimization projects.  But what I learnt on those tough gigs held me in good stead for all my later work.

The Opening Day Project of Te Papa (the national museum of New Zealand) was an absolute highlight – I can still remember driving down to work at 4am that morning and wondering why so many other people were walking down Tinakori Hill at such an early hour … then getting a lump in my throat as I realized they were all making their way down for our Dawn Ceremony! Wow!

Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming ….

A few years, some amazing projects, a divorce and another country later … I trained with the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management to become an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor and started a whole new career. (I guess you could say I thrive on change!!)

(Co-incidentally, when I told an old client that I was training as an executive coach, he hooted with laughter and declared: ‘That’s what you were doing to me for all those years!!’)

I guess he had a point. Coaching is a pretty handy skill for a project manager to have!

When I first started in coaching I did corporate career coaching, initially in the financial services and manufacturing sectors. Then I moved into success coaching with business owners and network marketers in a range of sectors.   I discovered how much more passionate, engaged and successful people are when they identify and work from their inner strengths or talents.

Yet with so much to do, many business owners and professionals just find themselves drowning in a never-ending task list.

How about you? What would help YOU be more successful do you think?

  • A taste of refreshing pragmatism when you’re lost in a plethora of tasks?
  • Professional coaching and encouragement to help you develop and face the challenges ahead?

With my project management skills & insight I can cut through overwhelm like a hot knife through butter and help you get the clarity, focus and results you dream of.


The key areas I help people with are:

Calming the Chaos

Identifying Strengths & Getting a Clear Focus

Managing your Time Brilliantly

Inspiration to Keep Going & Growing 

If that resonates with you, let’s explore how we might work together. Simply click on this link to book a complementary 30 minute Discovery Session with me and we’ll have a discussion: https://www.timetrade.com/book/NFT7Q


Media and Other Enquiries

If you’d like to chat with me about one of my products or programs, an interview, book project, joint venture, being a guest on your radio show or teleseminar, or being a facilitator or guest speaker at your event, you’re welcome to reach me via any of the methods outlined below.

I look forward to connecting with you really soon!

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