Unexpected Bonus!

So, you know I love to plan and organize – it’s no secret anymore 😉 Well, I decided it was time to refresh ouimg_4155r plans at home. Basically, because I work from home with our gorgeous toddler, we’d got into a bit of a pattern of me doing most of the household chores, and I was feeling pretty fed-up about this.

(In fact, that’s a bit of an understatement – I was very frustrated)

Anyway, I wrote down a list of all the jobs and chores that need doing. Thankfully we do have a cleaner so the actual house cleaning isn’t an issue, just all the day-to-day cooking, clearing up etc.

Then I thought we could have a family meeting and decide who was going to do what, we’d plan it all out and life would run perfectly (ha ha!). I mentioned this to my husband and young teenager, amid groans and the usual complaints.

What happened next surprised me though – my lovely hubby took the chores list and put it on the whiteboard as I’d asked; but rather than as a forward-looking plan (He cooks on x day, she does the dishwasher on y and z days) he set it up so we each had a colour and could mark when we’d done a task.

I’ll be honest, to me that felt a bit like we were keeping score and wasn’t really what I had intended. I’m a project manager = I like to plan ahead and then follow the plan…

HOWEVER… !!! They have both actually really taken to using it, there’s some gentle competition going on and we’re all joking about who’s getting the most ‘points’ each day! It’s awesome! My daughter even looks to see what hasn’t yet been done so that she can go get some more ‘points’!

It wasn’t exactly how I planned it, but it has worked out brilliantly! If you want more help at home and for domestic tasks to be shared out more fairly I highly recommend this approach. I’d love to hear how you get on 🙂


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