Simplify Mealtimes

Hi!  I just wanted to quickly share this with you today – it’s made mealtimes SO much easier at our house! weekly-meal-plan

Although I tend to write our meal plan for the week, I don’t always manage it and there are often those days where I look in the fridge at about 430pm and wonder what on earth to cook that night. You’ve done that too I’m sure?

All to often that can lead to cooking just whatever is quick and easy – not necessarily healthy; or asking hubby to grab takeaways on the way home. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but it can result in unhealthy choices and the costs rack up.

Anyway, it’s just a simple thing but I got this chalkboard decal sticker from Amazon and created a two week schedule of dinner plans that we rotate. We’re already wasting less food, and I’m saving time by simply following the plan – it’s awesome!

The trickiest part is to come up with 14 meals that everyone in your family will eat … we’ve got a vegetarian, a meat-lover and two people who are gluten-free (one of whom is a toddler…) aargh! I’ve got a couple of variations some days, but I’m just cooking once.

The pre-planning is a small investment of time, maybe an hour, but once you’ve done it, oh my goodness – life is SO much easier!  I’d love to hear how you get on!



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