Time Miracles – The Book

I wrote “Time Miracles: A Sanity-Saving Guide for Women Juggling Family & Business” to help busy women manage their time beautifully – so that they can achieve their goals and still have space for family, joy and looking after themselves.time-miracles-book

Women do an AMAZING job of juggling multiple demands on their time, even though it can be very stressful at times. In my book I’ve given you the very best time management strategies and techniques for both your work and family life, plus the emotional and mindset shifts that can shift the stress and let more joy in.

It draws on my background as both a project manager and an executive coach, plus plenty of tips from the trenches of motherhood… 😉

Time Miracles will show you how to find that elusive balance and the time to do the things you need to do, as well as those that you want to do. It will accelerate your effectiveness and success whilst also calming the chaos – so take a deep breath and dive in!

Here’s an overview of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Let’s Start with YOU!

Why looking after yourself is so vital, and how to do it.

Chapter 2: Quick Wins to Help You Find MORE time right NOW!

Ideas and strategies to help you save and leverage your time straight away.

Chapter 3: Time and Energy Savers for Your Business

Insights on building your business clarity, making it all happen and your mindset. We cover everything from business measures, creating your marketing calendar, engaging and managing your team and systems to manage and grow your business.

Chapter 4: Time and Energy Savers for Your Home & Family

Tips and techniques to help your home life run more smoothly. This includes kid management, family systems, leveraging your time and a practical yet inspiring section on money

Chapter 5: Putting it All Together

Organizing your dreams, plans and to-do’s into a Big Plan so that they become reality.

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Jo2-1My Bio

Joanne Ernst is originally from Yorkshire, UK and currently lives with her husband and kids in Northern Virginia, USA. She is a proud mama of two glorious children, loves coaching women entrepreneurs, enjoyed over a decade of amazing experiences as a project manager in New Zealand and the UK and is now an author, coach and heart-centred entrepreneur. (More about me here)



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