7 Secrets to New Role Success

7 Secrets to New Role Success

Starting a new role can be exciting, stimulating and challenging. At times it can also be daunting and stressful, with worries that you’re somehow not ready. I’ve written this Quick Wins GuideBook to ease your transition into your new role, and to enable you to make an impressive and successful start in your new organization.new-role

‘7 Secrets to Starting Your New Role Successfully’ is like having your own personal career coach guiding you every step of the way; it’s an interactive workbook with questions and prompts to coach you.

In a decade as a project manager I can remember many times where I just wanted everything to slow down a bit so I could understand how all the various pieces of the jigsaw fitted together. Yet there were already decisions to make, risks to manage and meetings to run. Somehow I needed to get on top of enough of it quickly enough to not make any dreadful mistakes!

After going through this particular baptism of fire a few times, I came up with a process that really helped me hit the ground running each time. I’ve framed it in the questions in this book to help you get to grips with your new role at lightning speed.

In my years as an executive coach I have coached and consulted with many managers and senior leaders as they’ve transitioned into new roles or promotions; this Quick Win Guide takes all of that experience and puts it into an interactive workbook to help you make a FANTASTIC start in your new role!

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