Time Miracles: A Sanity Saving Plan for Women Juggling Family & Business

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Time Miracles is written for women who are constantly juggling work and family and wish they could find an easier way.

Packed with practical tips to save and leverage time, delivered with a heartfelt dose of coaching insights – this book will help you find the balance that you crave.

Time Miracles will show you exactly how to find that elusive balance and the time to do the things you need to do – and add a little more joy in too!

Written by an executive coach who is a former project manager, the book is a special blend of project management strategies and coaching insights.

Time Miracles will accelerate your success whilst also calming the chaos – so take a deep breath and dive in!

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7 Secrets to Starting Your New Role Successfully

Starting a new role can be exciting, stimulating and challenging. At times it can also be daunting and stressful, with worries that you’re somehow not ready. I’ve written this Quick Wins GuideBook to ease your transition into your new role, and to enable you to make an impressive and successful start in your new

‘7 Secrets to Starting Your New Role Successfully’ is like having your own personal career coach guiding you every step of the way; it’s an interactive workbook with questions and prompts to coach you.

In a decade as a project manager I can remember many times where I just wanted everything to slow down a bit so I could understand how all the various pieces of the jigsaw fitted together. Yet there were already decisions to make, risks to manage and meetings to run. Somehow I needed to get on top of enough of it quickly enough to not make any dreadful mistakes!

After going through this particular baptism of fire a few times, I came up with a process that really helped me hit the ground running each time. I’ve framed it in the questions in this book to help you get to grips with your new role at lightning speed.

In my years as an executive coach I have coached and consulted with many managers and senior leaders as they’ve transitioned into new roles or promotions; this Quick Win Guide takes all of that experience and puts it into an interactive workbook to help you make a FANTASTIC start in your new role!

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Emergency Action Plan: Get Your Business Known Online FAST!!

This eBook is perfect for the business owner who is juggling many tasks and wants a step-by-step guide to getting their business known online

This easy to follow GuideBook contains a day-by-day plan for 30 days to take you through business goal setting, setting up your social media, keywords and basic SEO, marketing calendar, setting up opt-ins for your ethical bribes, autoresponders, how to easily create content and so much more.

It’s pretty packed! The best part is, I’ve done all the thinking for you so that each step builds on the previous one and it is just in little bite-sized chunks of 30 minutes a day. (I’m a former project manager, I like to simplify and systemize!)

All you need to do is follow the 30 day plan and watch your online profile grow!

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