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Hi beautiful!

I’m writing this after a looooong break from my blog. Lots of change, the sands are still shifting and rather than wait till I’ve got it all ‘sorted’ or ‘right’ I thought I’d just write to you now, from this place of flux.

I know from painting that there’s a certain tension in that creative process, that it frequently feels like it gets worse before it gets better. That you just have to trust and go through it.

But in an ever more competitive world, with so much noise and myriad distractions, it’s tempting to think, “I’ll just wait till I’ve got it all figured out”.

The truth is though, it’s only in expressing it, in going through the discomfort and unknowns of the creative process that we can actually resolve it and get the clarity (or finished artwork) we desire. As you probably know, if we stop in the middle of the process, the cloud thickens and we get completely lost.

Which is pretty much where I’ve been for several weeks!!!

photoMy online presence has had SO many iterations – from project management to online marketing, from career coaching to art, from parenting tips to rants about politics (Ok, only one of those – but, still, you get my point!), from self-help book summaries to inspiration & time management advice for Mompreneurs – I’ve covered so many different topics.

Sometimes it’s felt like I’m grasping at straws of ideas, wondering which will work, which will resonate with my audience. Other times there’s a bold kind of sharing with trust that those who need it will find it. Then for the last few months there’s been a bit of a vacuum.

I write, I paint, I have a thriving health & wellness business with Arbonne. I’m a Mum, wife, daughter, sister, family member and friend. I’ve had several successful careers and now I’m redefining what I want for the future. I’m so many things, yet I yearn (like so many of us) to just have one clear “thing” that’s mine, that I can do well and help a lot of people with. That “thing” should be the focus of this blog I felt – so when the clarity clouded I stopped writing here. I’ve still been doing all my other things, but this space has been patiently waiting for my return.

I’ve pondered so many questions – Shouldn’t I be going deeper on one main topic that I really care about? Shouldn’t I just pick a niche and stick to it? What if I did x? or y? would my audience like z better? Or should I just please myself and hope that people are interested? (yikes! that’s scary for an introvert like myself!)

I’ve read a bunch of books, seriously, a huge shelf-full of books! “Light is the New Black” (Rebecca Campbell) was intriguing and healing, “The War of Art” (Steven Pressfield) was absolutely phenomenal – AH-mazing!

Deep Work (Cal Newport) was a little labourious (no pun intended) but stimulating nevertheless. I just can’t imagine my kids, husband & dog accepting me going off to live in a forest cabin for several months! Ha!  But the principles are good. Loads more too, I’ve been reading like it was going out of fashion. Sometimes I wondered whether it was really helping, but actually hearing so many other voices has helped me identify my own.

It’s a puzzle, one that I feel close to solving actually. As ever, we get our breakthroughs often by listening to other people’s stories.  I was relieved after listening to an old mastermind buddy of mine do a TED talk recently, finally there was a name for what I am – and I’m not the only one!

(check it out here, Marianne Cantwell, she’s fabulous and a truly lovely person: The Hidden Power of Not Fitting In)

Then this morning I was listening to Jeff Goins (from and there was another subtle shift. (Ha, maybe not that subtle if it actually got me back on the page eh?!!) According to him, it’s not so much about niche and picking an audience, but actually identifying and expressing one’s world view and personality.  (His book ‘Art of Work’ is pretty awesome too by the way)

To me that speaks of rich authenticity, room to breathe and develop in a way that ‘choose your niche’ never did – that always felt stifling, like I had to choose either/or, it wasn’t holistic. It didn’t resonate, but I believed I had to do it to succeed. Now I realize I can let it go and breathe.

Expansion, not contraction. meditation1

So, this is the journey that I’m on – defining my world view and integrating it with my clear purpose (another blog post another time!) to do the work I’m here to do, and help the people I’m here to help in this next phase of my career. It’s an exciting time and I’m intrigued as to what the next chapter will hold.

If you’d like to comment about what YOU would like to hear more about from me, that would be rather wonderful! Thank you 🙂

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