Overwhelm – How to get Past It

We’ve all experienced overwhelm at some point, that sense of life just happening to fast and you can’t keep up; things feel out of your control and you have so many things to do that you don’t know where to start. It’s a really horrible state to be in, yet we can stay stuck there for a long time.overwhelm

That’s a problem because it means we’re living in this negative, stressed-out state for ages. We haven’t got time to think (we believe), so we’re just scrambling to ‘do stuff’ with no plan or proper decisions – which tends to just lead to more stress and problems!

In business it leads to poor decisions and a sole focus on the short term – just doing what we can with what’s in front of us. Which tends to lose us money, waste time and frustrate our clients and suppliers.

On a personal level, it leads to health issues from the stress and from neglecting yourself. Left unresolved, the stress can cause even more serious health problems, it can affect your relationships and just be a huge bloody pain actually!

It’s a really vicious, self-fulfilling cycle. Believe me, I’ve been there many times.

It seems like you’re trapped though, right?image

Well the truth is, it’s actually easier to escape than you might think.

You see it feels like a treadmill that we can’t get off for fear of losing whatever balls or plates we are actually managing to juggle – so we just keep on struggling.  But what we need in that moment, desperately actually, is a different perspective. A tiny bit of space from all the busy-ness. That’s the solution.

My favourite way out of overwhelm when I feel it creeping over me is to take a breath and do some planning. I love planning 🙂 You might not, and if so the other option is to stop and do a quick review – a sense check. Neither of these options needs to be a long drawn-out affair – it’s really just about you consciously putting some space between you and the overwhelm.

Once you have that altered perspective, you start to feel back in control. You can see the horizon again, and you know what the important tasks are that you need to focus on. (If you add in a little self-care at this point you’ll really power ahead by the way).

It’s a shift that can happen in a matter of minutes – even though that cycle of overwhelm has you believing you can’t. You actually can.

If you’d like some professional help with this, I highly recommend my Time Miracles Funcamp; we cover this and I walk you through some amazing exercises in Step 1 to help you create some white space and get back in control. Or apply for a Strategy Session with me so I can help you personally find the best route forward.

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