“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” – but Why?

The “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is an old adage, particularly if you come from some sort of engineering, design or project management background. Yet it often remains a bit of a mystery on how to actually do planning, and whether it really applies to us in our situation.Project Planning

There’s the onerous kind of planning that political bodies groan through, or the corporate planning that seems so far removed from what really happens ‘on the ground’ – yet there’s also a type of planning that is vital for the solo entrepreneur or small business owner. And that’s the fun stuff!

(Even as someone who LOVES planning, the political and corporate processes just make me want to run and hide under my desk… thank heavens for business owners who keep planning real and live, how it should be!)

You can do bottom-up or top-down planning. I find that at first, most business owners need to clear some space by getting organized with what’s in front of them right now, putting some simple systems and routines in place to handle that – and then they have the head-space to move into the top-down planning of their bigger business dream.

I understand that the thought of planning can be a bit off-putting, I get it.

But as we covered in last week’s blog post, it’s a great way out of overwhelm. It’s SUCH an incredibly valuable process for your business – you’ll see areas you can save time and/or money, you’ll discover better ways to deliver your services to clients that they value even more, and you’ll get to focus more of your own energy and talents on the stuff that you’re GREAT at – instead of getting bogged down in all the rest of it.

Without planning, important things get missed, which can cost you time and money. Tasks get done incorrectly or inefficiently – again, costing you time and money. Essentially, without planning, your eye isn’t on the ball and you are missing opportunities to serve your clients, grow your business and improve your income.

Planning ahead lets you see whats on the horizon, which lifts you out of that overwhelm of day-to-day problems.

I love to plan ahead because I really am driven to do things as efficiently as possible; a) because I’m just built that way, and b) because then I get to fit more in 🙂

Next week, I’m going to walk you through how to do your planning. Or if you’d like some immediate help, apply for one of my Strategy Sessions and we can discuss the best way forward for you.

With love


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