Don’t Believe the Hype!

Thanks to the genius idea of a dear friend of mine, I’ve recently started running free 90 minute Time Miracles workshops – in people’s homes, at local businesses at so on. It has been such an honour to run these, and I’m loving sharing some of the key messages and insights from my book with women. What has really amazed me though, has been an unexpected trend coming through in the feedback after the session.Screenshot 2017-02-16 15.33.36

I was hoping that people might feel inspired and motivated, indeed many did say that (hurray!), but what I hadn’t forseen at all was how many people said that they no longer felt alone.

Wow. ‘I’m not alone’

It’s the kind of feedback that really warms my heart, and reassures me that I should carry on doing what I’m doing (even when I too have many doubts about whether I’m doing the right thing, if I’m doing it the right way … and all the usual chimp chatter that our brains churn out! yep, we all do that too!).  If I can help women feel less alone and more supported, more empowered then – yay! Bring it on.

Yet it also saddens me to think how many of us go through our lives feeling alone, feeling like we’re the only ones that struggle with our fears and doubts.

The truth is that we all have these challenges, we all have the little voice inside our heads that wants to keep us safe by keeping us small. That’s the voice of the Inner Critic when you write, paint or do anything creative. It’s the voice of doubt and fear when you think of trying something new or sharing your innermost feelings. It’s the voice of comparison that makes you feel somehow ‘less than’ or ‘not enough’.

Frankly, it’s crap!

We all have that voice, and we all have the choice to either believe it and succumb to it’s watering down of our dreams and goals, or we can decide to acknowledge it for what it is – just fear trying to keep us small. The things it’s telling us are not true; fear and doubt are never truth.Screenshot 2017-02-16 15.31.52

I recently read the fabulous ‘War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield and was struck by his point that no matter how great our resistance (/fear) seems to be, what we can hang on to is that the idea or the vision of what we want to create actually came first.

That vision that we have is actually BIGGER than the fear, it’s greater than the resistance – no matter how sly and crafty our resistance can be (hello procrastination, yes you are resistance too, I see you!), our desire is BIGGER!

If you’ve been around my space for a while you probably know that one of my favourite sayings is ‘Pain PUSHES you forward until vision PULLS you forward!’ I’m looking at that now and realizing that we can equate the pain to resistance, right?

So to get away from the pain, to conquer the resistance, we need to grow our vision and let ourselves be pulled forward by that.

I have a dream of being a bestselling author – often I doubt it, think it’s kind of crazy, I wonder whether it’s really possible and yes, the old ‘who am I to think this is possible for me’ thoughts sometimes creep in too. I can choose to let them win, or I can choose to keep looking at my vision, feeling the feelings of how it will actually feel when it happens, and doing the work. (you still have to do the work! ie the writing etc) One of those choices makes achieving it a possibility – the other one does not.

So when it comes to your dreams, let yourself believe in them & let them pull you forward – don’t get sucked in by the fears and doubts that creep into your mind. Don’t believe the hype!

In fact, see that resistance as a sign that you are onto a sure-fire idea that could propel you into much greater success/happiness – that’s why the Resistance has been activated! It knows there is a threat of actual success… (which is a heck of a good sign to keep going if you ask me!)

Please know that you’re truly not alone in this struggle with fear and doubt, we all have it and we all can find our way through it. I find reading personal development books really helps me – Brene Brown’s work is phenomenal in this area. Just remember, fear and doubt are never truth.

With love


  • Sally Morgan

    Inspiring as always! Thanks again for your motivating blog Jo!

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