Busy busy busy…

Do you ever find yourself just so busy that you’re rushing from one thing to the next without a moment to breathe? Life gets crazy sometimes right?!

The problem is that when we’re so busy, we often can’t think straight and make poor decisions – we’re stuck on this hamster wheel of just reacting to stuff. It’s stressful and draining, yet it feels impossible to escape.

I’ve spoken before about the Firefighting Cycle and how to escape it (it’s in a blog post here), yet today I wanted to raise another angle to look at this from.

What I’ve found is that sometimes, I’m actually keeping myself in that crazy busy cycle – have you ever noticed that?image

And what’s underneath that, I believe, is this societal pressure that tells us we must be busy to be valid. Like it’s a constant game of who’s busiest, therefore who’s the most ‘important’??!

It’s simply not true. You are important, you are valid, you are enough – without racing around like a hamster.

Effective people know that down-time is just as important to their creativity and health as the time when they’re ‘on’. Those little spaces when our minds are free to roam and explore are when we have chance to hear the still, small voice inside – whispering the solution to a challenge, or reminding us of someone we need to speak with; those little nudges of intuition are impossible to hear through a constant barrage of busy-ness.

So take a break, switch off. Give yourself chance to breathe…

With love,


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