The Day I Realized I Was a Feminist

A couple of years ago, I was hunting through my long-suffering Ikea bookshelves that I’ve dragged around the world several times to find a new book to read.

I’ve always been intrigued by all things personal development and self-help, so to be encouraged to read these as part of my then fledgling social marketing business was kind of a dream come true. It astonished me (and still does) when adults say they don’t read or they find it hard to get into the habit of reading every day – reading is such a delight to me, I can’t quite get my head around not doing it.

Anyway, I was looking through the recommended titles – John Maxwell, Jeff Olsen, Bob Burg, Stephen Covey, Tom Barrett et al and the thought suddenly struck me – where are all the women? Why are all these books that I’m recommended to read written by men? Where are all the freaking women? What the f …?!

Before then I’d never really considered my personal world to be that unequally divided between the sexes. Naively I just assumed I’d be able to do whatever I wanted to do, and my gender wouldn’t really matter. Sexual discrimination seemed like something from the past, or maybe only persisted in a few specific pockets of industries or in certain toxic companies.

My first proper job after university was as a project manager, it was male-dominated certainly, but there were several of women in the consultancy I worked for and gender didn’t seem like a big deal. At least to my twenty-something year old self! Plus it was in New Zealand, and those kiwis tend to be pretty open-minded.

So there I was, mad at my bookshelf, annoyed with amazon and the publishing world in general. I decided we needed more womens voices, and I was going to make a conscious effort to find amazing female authors (and maybe even join them one day).

A couple of days later (thank you Universe!), a dear friend sent me a link to Brene Brown’s now legendary TED talk – I was mesmerized!

I bought everything she’d ever written and read it cover to cover, like it was going out of fashion! I loved her work (still do) and shared it with lots of people. She’s the author I long to bYoung mother working and holding her toddler sone when I grow up! ūüėČ

Then the floodgates seemed to open and we had amazing books from Gabrielle Bernstein, Rebecca Campbell, the unique and long-favourite of mine Julia Cameron, of course Rhonda Byrne and so many more.

I discovered Sonia Choquette thanks to my amazing sister, then Leonie Dawson was a great find for my inner hippie child (plus she’s actually a very talented & successful businesswoman – don’t let the hippie chick persona confuse you!). Gretchen Rubin rocks too.

Online I found Carrie Wilkerson (the Barefoot Executive), Bernadette Doyle, Kendall Summerhawk and many more women. Finding Danielle La Porte and Marie Forleo was like a cool breath of fresh air on a humid Virginia summer’s day.

There are SO many more as well – recently I’ve discovered Jen Sincero’s ‘You’re a Badass’ books, which I love apart from the titles. Kate Northrup is another refreshing and empowering woman’s voice that I love to tune into nowadays too.

So nowadays, I still read widely but I realize I relate so much better to female authors mostly. They speak from the heart, they are REAL in their advice – they juggle their lives, their businesses and their families and figure this stuff out around that. (I had to laugh when I read Cal Newport’s Deep Work – what mother could leave her family and go off into the wilderness for months to do her Deep Work?? Really? with babies to feed, kids to dress and teenagers to chauffeur around… maybe when we retire eh?!)

I’d love to find more amazing women authors too – let me know your favourites!

There’s Never a Dull Moment! ;-)

Hi beautiful!

I’m writing this after a looooong break from my blog. Lots of change, the sands are still shifting and rather than wait till I’ve got it all ‘sorted’ or ‘right’ I thought I’d just write to you now, from this place of flux.

I know from painting that there’s a certain tension in that creative process, that it frequently feels like it gets worse before it gets better. That you just have to trust and go through it.

But in an ever more competitive world, with so much noise and myriad distractions, it’s¬†tempting to think, “I’ll just wait till I’ve got it all figured out”.

The truth is though, it’s only in expressing it, in going through the discomfort and unknowns of the creative process that we can actually resolve it and get the clarity (or finished artwork) we desire.¬†As you probably know, if we stop in the middle of the process, the cloud thickens and we get completely lost.

Which is pretty much where I’ve been for several weeks!!!

photoMy online presence has had SO many iterations – from project management to online marketing, from career coaching to art, from parenting tips to rants about politics (Ok, only one of those – but, still, you get my point!), from self-help book summaries to inspiration & time management¬†advice for Mompreneurs – I’ve covered so many different topics.

Sometimes it’s felt like I’m grasping at straws of ideas, wondering which will work, which will resonate with my audience. Other times there’s a bold kind of sharing with trust that those who need it will find it. Then for the last few months there’s been a bit of a vacuum.

I write, I paint, I have a thriving health & wellness business with Arbonne. I’m a Mum, wife, daughter, sister, family member and friend. I’ve had several successful careers and now I’m redefining what I want for the future. I’m so many things, yet I yearn (like so many of us) to just have one clear “thing” that’s mine, that I can do well and help a lot of people with. That “thing” should be the focus of this blog I felt – so when the clarity clouded I stopped writing here. I’ve still been doing all my other things, but this space has been patiently¬†waiting for my return.

I’ve pondered so many questions – Shouldn’t I be going deeper on one main topic that I really care about? Shouldn’t I just pick a niche and stick to it? What if I did x? or y? would my audience like z better? Or should I just please myself and hope that people are interested? (yikes! that’s scary for an introvert like myself!)

I’ve read a bunch of books, seriously, a huge shelf-full¬†of books! “Light is the New Black” (Rebecca Campbell) was intriguing and healing, “The War of Art” (Steven Pressfield) was absolutely phenomenal – AH-mazing!

Deep Work (Cal Newport) was a little labourious (no pun intended) but stimulating nevertheless. I just can’t imagine my kids, husband & dog accepting me going off to live in a forest cabin for several months! Ha! ¬†But the principles are good. Loads more too, I’ve been reading like it was going out of fashion. Sometimes I wondered whether it was really helping, but actually hearing so many other voices has helped me identify¬†my own.

It’s a puzzle, one that I feel close to solving actually. As ever, we get our breakthroughs often by listening to other people’s stories. ¬†I was relieved after listening to an old mastermind buddy of mine do a TED talk recently, finally there was a name for what I am – and I’m not the only one!

(check it out here, Marianne Cantwell, she’s fabulous and a truly lovely person:¬† The Hidden Power of Not Fitting In)

Then this morning I was listening to Jeff Goins (from and there was another subtle shift. (Ha, maybe not that subtle if it actually got me back on the page eh?!!) According to him, it’s not so much about niche and picking an audience, but actually identifying and expressing one’s world view and personality. ¬†(His book ‘Art of Work’ is pretty awesome too by the way)

To me that speaks of rich authenticity, room to breathe and develop in a way that ‘choose your niche’ never did – that always felt stifling, like I had to choose either/or, it wasn’t holistic. It didn’t resonate, but I believed I had to do it to succeed. Now I realize I¬†can let it go and breathe.

Expansion, not contraction. meditation1

So, this is the journey that I’m on – defining my¬†world view and integrating it with my clear purpose (another blog post another time!) to do the work I’m here to do, and help the people I’m here to help in this next phase of my career. It’s an exciting time and I’m intrigued as to what the next chapter will hold.

If you’d like to comment about what YOU would like to hear more about from me, that would be rather wonderful! Thank you ūüôā

Don’t Believe the Hype!

Thanks to the genius idea of a dear friend of mine, I’ve recently started running free 90 minute Time Miracles workshops – in people’s homes, at local businesses at so on. It has been such an honour to run these, and I’m loving sharing some of the key messages and insights from my book with women. What has really amazed me though, has been an unexpected trend coming through in the feedback after the session.Screenshot 2017-02-16 15.33.36

I was hoping that people might feel inspired and motivated, indeed many did say that (hurray!), but what I hadn’t forseen at all was how many people said that they no longer felt alone.

Wow. ‘I’m not alone’

It’s the kind of feedback that really warms my heart, and reassures me that I should carry on doing what I’m doing (even when I too have many doubts about whether I’m doing the right¬†thing, if I’m doing it the right way … and all the usual chimp chatter that our brains churn out! yep, we all do that too!). ¬†If I can help women feel less alone and more supported, more empowered then – yay! Bring it on.

Yet it also saddens me to think how many of us go through our lives feeling alone, feeling like we’re the only ones that struggle with our fears and doubts.

The truth is that we all have these challenges, we all have the little voice inside our heads that wants to keep us safe by keeping us small. That’s the voice of the Inner Critic when you write, paint or do anything creative. It’s the voice of doubt and fear when you think of trying something new or sharing your innermost feelings. It’s the voice of comparison that makes you feel somehow ‘less than’ or ‘not enough’.

Frankly, it’s crap!

We all have that voice, and we all have the choice to either believe it and succumb to it’s watering down of our dreams and goals, or we can decide to acknowledge it for what it is – just fear trying to keep us small. The things it’s telling us are¬†not true; fear and doubt are never truth.Screenshot 2017-02-16 15.31.52

I recently read the fabulous ‘War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield and was struck by his point that no matter how great our resistance (/fear) seems to be, what we can hang on to is that the idea or the vision of what we want to create actually came first.

That vision¬†that we have is actually BIGGER¬†than the fear, it’s greater than the resistance – no matter how sly and crafty our resistance can be (hello procrastination, yes you are resistance too, I see you!), our desire is BIGGER!

If you’ve been around my space for a while you probably know that one of my favourite sayings is ‘Pain PUSHES¬†you forward until vision PULLS you forward!’ I’m looking at that now and realizing that we can equate the pain to resistance, right?

So to get away from the pain, to conquer the resistance, we need to grow our vision and let ourselves be pulled forward by that.

I have a dream of being a bestselling author – often I doubt it, think it’s kind of crazy, I wonder whether it’s really possible and yes, the old ‘who am I to think this¬†is possible for me’ thoughts sometimes creep in too. I can choose to let them win, or I can choose to keep looking at my vision, feeling the feelings of how it will actually feel when it happens, and doing the work. (you still have to do the work! ie the writing etc) One of those choices makes achieving it a possibility – the other one does not.

So when it comes to¬†your dreams, let yourself believe in them & let them pull you forward – don’t get sucked in by¬†the fears and doubts that creep into your mind. Don’t believe the hype!

In fact, see that resistance as a sign that you are onto a sure-fire idea that could propel you into much greater success/happiness – that’s why the Resistance has been activated! It knows there is a threat of actual success… (which is a heck of a good sign to keep going if you ask me!)

Please know that you’re truly not alone in this struggle with fear and doubt, we all have it and we all can find our way through it. I find reading personal development books really helps me – Brene Brown’s work is phenomenal in this area. Just remember, fear and doubt are never truth.

With love


I LOVE this!


“And…Back in the Room!”

You know when your attention drifts and you jump around from topic to topic, feeling like there’s something you’ve forgotten? Even before we had the plethora of distractions that the internet offers us, maintaining focus has always been an issue. But now with the world literally at our fingertips, it’s harder than ever to cut the distractions and get back to our core focus.

time management focusWhen our focus wanders and we get distracted, we lose the opportunity to make meaningful progress. Now, sometimes it’s actually really important to follow your creative musings around – that can lead to wonderful inspiration and breakthroughs.

But when it’s just your monkey mind jumping around, it’s a distraction that robs you of your dreams because you don’t get the work done that you need to. The day passes in a haze and before you know it, you’ve lost hours down some internet rabbit-hole, completely forgetting your to-do list and wasting your precious time! (Yep, I’ve been there too; I think we all have!)

Choose your focus and you choose your future – that is why it’s so key.

So, I wanted to share a few tips and ideas with you on getting your focus back.

Firstly – the title of this post “And… back in the room!” is a gentle reminder I sometimes use to get myself back on task when I notice my brain whizzing off on a tangent. Sometimes a physical action like shaking your head or clapping your hands together can help interrupt that distraction so you can get back to your focus.

Secondly, I find it’s really helpful to clear my mind first thing. For years I’ve done Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages exercise – 3 pages of longhand writing on paper, stream of consciousness, first thing in the morning. It’s like a detox for your brain, it’s great. It gets all those petty little moans and concerns out of the way and it creates space for insights and inspiration to arise. Incredibly valuable.

Thirdly – vision and affirmations. Remind yourself every day (or as frequently as you can) of the vision that you’re working towards, and reinforce your belief that it’s already happening by repeating your affirmations every day. It keeps it all front of mind so that when you start to wander off down an Alice in Wonderland kind of path, your awareness will pull you back – reminding you what’s at stake.

Fourthly – help yourself with simple practical techniques like a daily to-do list. Keep it short, and have another list of ‘nice to have’ items that you’ll get to if you get chance.

Fifth – remember to keep nurturing yourself and taking care of yourself. ¬†If you’re getting burnt out, it gets harder to keep your focus and you can get trapped in that ‘must work harder!’ punishing kind of pressure – this is actually the time to take a breather. Walk away, take a moment to regroup, have a short break and come back with a fresh perspective. Self-care is not optional – if you neglect yourself, you’re neglecting the most important asset of your business (and indeed life!). Look after yourself.

Sixth – if what’s distracting you is ruminating over something someone said or did, or perhaps replaying something you said or did and you’re wondering if you caused offence/ did something wrong / whatever… then a great way to lay that to rest is to clear and forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive the other person, forgive the situation – the whole nine yards. Even though it’s a bit woo-woo, I love the Ho’oponopono technique – it’s pretty amazing and you can use it for all kinds of things. (More details in Joe Vitale’s books)Screenshot 2017-01-26 11.30.15

“Welcome to Trump-land”

I groaned when my friend messaged me that he had just said this cheesy¬†comment about ‘Trump-land’. I had been purposely NOT watching the inauguration, kind of in the same way I’ve resisted commenting in public about my own feelings about the election result. After all, who am I to judge? Who am I to pass comment when I’m not actually a voter in this country my family¬†currently calls home?

But, like the irresistible magnet that draws our eyes to a train wreck, I typed ‘inauguration’ into my phone and began to watch. The texts between my friend and I flew back and forth across the ocean as we watched this moment in history unfold.

I think it’s perhaps in my nature to just stay sitting on the fence (in public at least) about most things, in the same way my Britishness demands that politeness and intellectual freedom are of utmost value. ¬†(It’s an agonising moment to think back on an interaction and suddenly realise that the other person may have thought you rude – it’s the worst insult, also because it reflects on your upbringing and therefore family; I’m sure I’m not the only¬†British¬†person to cringe at this prospect!)

Anyway, back to my point. I haven’t commented on the election other than with close friends and family. I don’t want to be rude to people who have voted in this presidential race, indeed we are all entitled to our opinions and to vote as our conscience demands; however I do get upset when each side vilifies the other and campaigns are run on fear and lies. I will stand up for decency. ¬†Can’t we have a respectful intelligent discussion?

I realise that Facebook is rarely the setting for respectful intelligent discussions, but we the people are using it, so actually we the people have the opportunity to use it in a respectful, intelligent manner – do we not?

In the vitriol, the lies, the dramatic headlines, the fake news and the suspected interference of foreign powers that marred the 2016 election, we lost the ability to have sensible debates on the issues that were truly at hand.

What if, instead of bad-mouthing ‘the other side’ and jeering as they are ‘taken down’ we had proper factually accurate debates on issues?

Then people wouldn’t swallow whole the lies that are fed them, simply because it’s what they want to believe. Any candidate can tell people what they want to hear and win their vote – but to have the integrity to only promise what you can actually deliver, that would truly be remarkable. If people had taken the time to find out the facts on the issues that mattered to them and voted accordingly, I can’t help feeling we would have had a different result.

Now, I must say, if I had been able to vote in this election I would not have¬†found it a no-brainer. The crass one would never have got my vote, he went beyond rude and impolite to actually sound sexist and racist; whether he is or not, remains to be seen. I can only hope that the shackles of democracy keep him within the realms of decency, and that he gathers intelligent advisors around him who make up for his lack of political skill and experience. At least the outcome¬†is shaking those of us with liberal ideals out of our complacency – we now need to be more active to ensure democracy and decency prevail, we can’t just take it for granted.

But then we had the alleged lies and cover-ups of the other side, so it probably wouldn’t have been an easy yes from me for her either. Gravitas yes, experience yes, intelligence and ability to do the job – actually yes too. Questions over integrity are always tough though, in business as in politics, and it would have at least given me pause for thought. Whether the rumours were true or not also remains to be seen (despite what the hecklers will shout), but it lost her the election. Hearsay and scaremongering are impossible to control, and they spread like wildfire through social media. ¬†It was not a fair fight – but then elections rarely are. The party policies are relatively clear and consistent¬†though, so that would have determined my choice in the end.

In a fairer system, third parties would get a look-in and real representative democracy would have a chance – Gary Johnson was the only one who actually seemed to have integrity as well as the skills. But gaining traction here as a third party is pretty much impossible so voting for them is seen as a lost vote that could have helped (or hindered) either the Republicans or the Democrats.

It does make me ache for home though, for the politeness of strangers and the ability to have an intelligent discussion about a topic without it being a personal affront if you disagree. Not that Britain is perfect by any means. (Indeed I heard that the Brexit campaign was pretty bloody and vitriolic on both sides as well!)  But someone like Trump would never have got beyond the hustings I am sure.

In the almost 3 years that I’ve been living in America I’ve learnt that it is difficult¬†to have an open and frank conversation about many issues. The key ones that, to my view, separate the majority of Democrats from the majority of Republicans are their stances on guns, abortion, trade and the environment – and they’re all incredibly emotive.

You can’t talk about gun control without the passionate pro-gun people getting defensive about their amendment rights – when actually gun control doesn’t mean stopping them having guns, just having sensible measures¬†in place to control who can get them. You can’t back up your argument by pointing to the tragedy of¬†so many mass shootings, because they’ll just say a gun-carrying citizen could have shot the shooter. Let’s have a discussion on creating appropriate measures so that less tragedies happen, both children getting hold of loaded guns in the home and these terrible mass shootings.

As for abortion, that is probably even more emotive. People who are pro-life cannot see that there may be a terribly down-side to making it illegal. I cannot imagine that any woman would make that decision lightly, but it is their choice – and if they must do so, let them at least be able to have a termination in a hygienic, legal environment. I respect the Pro-lifers’ beliefs about God, and that human embryos are precious – I just don’t think we should force our opinions on others. Allowing choice allows freedom – which is a key value of American life.

Indeed I saw an interesting piece on Facebook about what a difference it would make if we made people go through the same counseling and vetting procedure for getting a gun as we do for getting an abortion! So there’s that…

Then we get into economic matters … I’m no economist but I’m pretty sure that if no-one wants to buy coal anymore, if the utilities aren’t building coal-fired plants but rather cleaner, more efficient natural-gas powered plants – then re-opening coal mines is not going to be economically feasible. ¬†It just doesn’t add up, and it’s astonishing that he got away with that fantasy. Sadly I think that will turn out to have been an empty (though powerful and potentially election-winning) promise. Let’s hope that the president gets some skilled economists to help him make good decisions that generate real sustainable growth, the type that doesn’t add trillions to the federal debt. ¬†Oh, and some good PR consultants¬†to help explain why he won’t be upholding his election promises on coal.

Free trade or protectionism? Maybe there’s a middle way, I hope so. ¬†Surely the countries of the world gain more by cooperating than posturing and fighting?

Let’s hope that climate change doesn’t get forgotten or sidelined; the signs were not good during the recent election campaign but it is at least being acknowledged as more than a ‘hoax’ now. Let’s listen to the actual scientists rather than¬†dismissing it, and let’s each do what we know we can do to help the environment. ¬†Small measures can make a huge difference – when shops started charging for plastic shopping bags in the UK, our usage of them dropped 85%. Whether you ‘believe’ in climate change or not, the images of birds and marine animals killed by choking on plastic bags are all too real. A simple change that everyone can make is to switch to canvas reusable bags for their shopping (article). This simple step would illustrate the value we place on environmental matters, and hopefully translate to wider positive actions at a governmental level.

There’s healthcare too, but I’m not even going to pretend that I understand a system that we pay thousands into for ‘insurance’ but then still have to pay again when we see a doctor, get a prescription or whatever else! It’s like a complete reversal of the NHS where you have to really push to get extra tests or treatment – here they hand them out easily, because the cost is kinda one step removed so it doesn’t seem real. It’s a complicated issue, but at least Obama made some headway in addressing it.

So this article is littered with my opinions, with which¬†you may or may not agree, but I hope you will at least read with an open mind and consider if any of it fits for you too. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too.

My hope is that now that the election and inauguration is over we can stop fighting, whatever side we’re on, and start working to understand the views of the other side. I know a lot of people are saddened and scared by the outcome, but this is our reality for the next four years and we must come to terms with it. We must resolve to not give energy to the fear and negativity, or else it will grow. There is a darkness to this energy, and if we sink into it we will only fuel it all the more and make the healing even tougher. ¬†It is vital¬†that we¬†find a way to put aside the negative, the darkness, the fear and instead resolve to keep our hearts and minds open, to let the light in. Love is the antidote to fear – especially when it feels like the hardest thing to do. #lovewins

Even if we don’t agree, we can listen. We can seek to understand why they think the way they do and respect their right to have their beliefs. If everyone could put aside¬†the jeering and criticism for a while, we could¬†communicate with open hearts, remembering that we’re all human and we’re all in this together, then from there perhaps we can unite to find a better way to run this great country.

As women from all around the world join together today for the Womens March on Washington DC, this is our time to unite and all rise together for love, peace and choosing faith over fear. We can.

Busy busy busy…

Do you ever find yourself just so busy that you’re rushing from one thing to the next without a moment to breathe? Life gets crazy sometimes right?!

The problem is that when we’re so busy, we often can’t think straight and make poor decisions – we’re stuck on this hamster wheel of just reacting to stuff. It’s stressful and draining, yet it feels impossible to escape.

I’ve spoken before about the Firefighting Cycle and how to escape it (it’s in a blog post here), yet today I wanted to raise another angle to look at this from.

What I’ve found is that sometimes, I’m actually keeping myself in that crazy busy cycle – have you ever noticed that?image

And what’s underneath that, I believe, is this societal pressure that tells us we must be busy to be valid. Like it’s a constant game of who’s busiest, therefore who’s the most ‘important’??!

It’s simply not true. You are important, you are valid, you are enough – without racing around like a hamster.

Effective people know that down-time is just as important to their creativity and health as the time when they’re ‘on’. Those little spaces when our minds are free to roam and explore are when we have chance to hear the still, small voice inside – whispering the solution to a challenge, or reminding us of someone we need to speak with; those little nudges of intuition are impossible to hear through a constant barrage of busy-ness.

So take a break, switch off. Give yourself chance to breathe…

With love,


Unexpected Bonus!

So, you know I love to plan and organize – it’s no secret anymore ūüėČ Well, I decided it was time to refresh ouimg_4155r plans at home. Basically, because I work from home with our gorgeous toddler, we’d got into a bit of a pattern of me doing most of the household chores, and I was feeling pretty fed-up about this.

(In fact, that’s a bit of an understatement – I was very frustrated)

Anyway, I wrote down a list of all the jobs and chores that need doing. Thankfully we do have a cleaner so the actual house cleaning isn’t an issue, just all the day-to-day cooking, clearing up etc.

Then I thought we could have a family meeting and decide who was going to do what, we’d plan it all out and life would run perfectly (ha ha!). I mentioned this to my husband and young teenager, amid groans and the usual complaints.

What happened next surprised me though – my lovely hubby took the chores list and put it on the whiteboard as I’d asked; but rather than as a forward-looking plan (He cooks on x day, she does the dishwasher on y and z days) he set it up so we each had a colour and could mark when we’d done a task.

I’ll be honest, to me that felt a bit like we were keeping score and wasn’t really what I had intended. I’m a project manager = I like to plan ahead and then follow the plan…

HOWEVER… !!! They have both actually really taken to using it, there’s some gentle competition going on and we’re all joking about who’s getting the most ‘points’ each day! It’s awesome! My daughter even looks to¬†see what hasn’t yet been done so that she can go get some more ‘points’!

It wasn’t exactly how I planned it, but it has worked out brilliantly! If you want more help at home and for domestic tasks to be shared out more fairly I highly recommend this approach. I’d love to hear how you get on ūüôā


Simplify Mealtimes

Hi! ¬†I just wanted to quickly share this with you today – it’s made mealtimes SO much easier at our house!¬†weekly-meal-plan

Although I tend to write our meal plan for the week, I don’t always manage it and there are often those days where I¬†look in the fridge at about 430pm and wonder what on earth to cook that night. You’ve done that too I’m sure?

All to often that can lead to cooking just whatever is quick and easy – not necessarily healthy; or asking hubby to grab takeaways on the way home. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se, but¬†it can result in unhealthy choices and the costs rack up.

Anyway, it’s just a simple thing but I got this chalkboard decal sticker from Amazon and created a two week schedule of dinner plans that we rotate. We’re already wasting less food, and I’m saving time by simply following the plan – it’s awesome!

The trickiest part is to come up with 14 meals that everyone in your family will eat … we’ve got a vegetarian, a meat-lover and two people who are gluten-free (one of whom is a toddler…) aargh! I’ve got a couple of variations some days, but I’m just cooking once.

The pre-planning is a small investment of time, maybe an hour, but once you’ve done it, oh my goodness – life is SO much easier! ¬†I’d love to hear how you get on!



Emergency Action Plan to Get Your Business Known Online FAST!!

Announcing my new Quick Wins GuideBook – Ta dah! This one is primarily for¬†business owners who want to grow their online presence but don’t want¬†to spend endless hours figuring it all out.

The Emergency Action Plan demystifies social media/ keywords/ SEO/ blogs/ autoresponders and more, then shows you how to pragmatically set up your own – in 30 minutes a day or less.

It’s a comprehensive yet simple day-by-day plan for 29 days to help you powerfully get all your online stuff set up for success.

screenshot-2016-11-29-21-40-05In this book you’ll get:

  • Clarity on what to do, when and how (bye bye stress, overwhelm & time pressure)
  • A step-by-step plan to access a huge base of potential customers (bye bye financial pressure)
  • Leverage on how to use your time most effectively (bye bye time pressure & hello help with the work and family balancing act)


Sound good?

Right, let’s get cracking!! Grab your copy here:

New hair do :-)

Just a quick post to show you my new hair do – channeling my inner redhead, watch out world! ūüėÄ

It was a new hairdressing salon that I decided to try, mainly because the owner was lovely AND they offered on-site childcare (Awesome idea!!). The kids had a great time in the jungle gym and play area and I had a VERY lovely time getting pampered whilst sipping coffee (while it was still hot! miracle!) and flipping through magazines Рall rather blissful.


“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” – but Why?

The “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is an old adage, particularly if you come from some sort of engineering, design or project management background. Yet¬†it often remains a bit of a mystery on how to actually do planning, and whether it really applies to us in our situation.Project Planning

There’s the onerous kind of planning that political bodies groan through, or the corporate planning that seems so far removed from what really happens ‘on the ground’ – yet there’s also a type of planning that is vital for the solo entrepreneur or small business owner. And that’s the fun stuff!

(Even as someone who LOVES planning, the political and corporate processes just make me want to run and hide under my desk… thank heavens for business owners who keep planning real and live, how it should be!)

You can do bottom-up or top-down planning. I find that at first, most business owners need to clear some space by getting organized with what’s in front of them right now, putting some simple systems and routines in place to handle that – and then they have the head-space to move¬†into the top-down planning of their bigger business dream.

I understand that the thought of planning can be a bit off-putting, I get it.

But as we covered in last week’s blog post, it’s a great way out of overwhelm. It’s SUCH¬†an incredibly valuable process for your business – you’ll see areas you can save time and/or money, you’ll discover better ways to deliver your services to clients that they value even more, and you’ll get to focus more of your own energy and talents on the stuff that you’re GREAT at¬†– instead of getting bogged down in all the rest of it.

Without planning, important things get missed, which can cost you time and money. Tasks get done incorrectly or inefficiently – again, costing you time and money. Essentially, without planning, your eye isn’t on the ball and you are missing opportunities to serve your clients, grow your business and improve your income.

Planning ahead lets you see whats on the horizon, which lifts you out of that overwhelm of day-to-day problems.

I love to plan ahead because I really am driven to do things as efficiently as possible; a) because I’m just built that way, and b) because then I get to fit more in ūüôā

Next week, I’m going to walk you through how to do your planning. Or if you’d like some immediate help, apply for one of my Strategy Sessions and we can discuss the best way forward for you.

With love


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