Hi! Are you building a business around your family?

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical tips for your juggling act …You’re in the right place ūüôā

Being an entrepreneur or business owner is an amazing way to create more freedom in your life isn’t it?¬†Being self-employed gives you SO¬†much more flexibility than a job. It means you have time for your family whilst also building your own successful business – very cool.

Maybe you work your business full-time or part-time around your family.¬†You might be in professional services, network marketing, online business or maybe you have a bricks and mortar business. ¬†Whichever route you’ve chosen, I believe it’s a fantastic time to be a woman entrepreneur. It truly is, the opportunities are huge.

I don’t know about you, but once I’d started my family I really wanted to find a way to stay home with my kids. Even once my eldest started school, the employment options to fit in with school hours were pretty damn depressing.

Really, you work hard to get your qualifications, put in all those long hours to progress your career and then once you have kids, that’s it – either leave your kids with someone else for 50 hours a week or take a part-time minimum wage job in a shop or something?! No way.

For me, self-employment was the answer.¬†Fast-forward about 12 years and I’d say I’m pretty unemployable now!

Anyway, more about my story later. Let’s focus on you

Are you tearing your hair out trying to balance your business and¬†family life? Most Mums (Moms) I speak to who are in this position say that there just never seem to be enough hours in the day. It’s crazy and at times overwhelming.

“Overwhelming and crazy” shouldn’t be the first words you use to describe your business, but they often are.

It’s definitely not an easy path that we’ve chosen; it’s SUCH¬†a juggling act. We all get overwhelmed from time to time, myself included.¬†¬†And that’s ok.

It’s a long-term journey that we’re on, even with all those short-term bills and demands on our time. And in the long-term, we can thrive and succeed in our businesses and our family lives, I absolutely believe that.

I also believe that successful, generous-hearted women will change the world by helping their networks and the causes they care about – that’s why I’m here; I want to help you thrive and succeed so you can do amazing things in the world.

There are simple steps you can take to manage your time more effectively, mindset shifts you can make to have a greater impact and create better balance. I’d love to show you how!

My name’s Joanne Ernst, my background is in project management. ¬†Nowadays I help women entrepreneurs thrive and succeed by getting control of their time and focus

You see, it’s not just about working harder. I am¬†certainly going to help you with some excellent¬†time management tips, but there’s more to it than that. It’s also about making certain shifts on the inside – emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. When they happen, it’s like a switch gets turned on! Everything becomes so much easier, success flows and things fall into place.

In this special report called ‘5 Powerful Actions You Can Take TODAY to Leverage Your Time & Save Your Sanity While Juggling Family & Business”, I’m sharing my favourite mindset, emotional, spiritual and also practical insights to help move you powerfully forward. ¬†These priceless hints and tips really go to the heart of what it takes to truly succeed in your business.

It’s my gift to you, to receive your copy simply put your details in the box in the header of this page and I’ll take care of the rest.

I look forward to working with you to help you create more freedom, joy and financial success!

With love,

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